Kristin is passionate about work which draws audience members into a familiar place and challenges their preconceived notions of that environment.


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conceived by Kristin Heckler, Written in collaboration with Sarah raimondi, Pauline Sherrow, and Jacob sebastian

February 8th-24th
Matthew Corozine studio Theatre, 357 W 36th St

EXPOSED is a devised theater piece inspired by true events, fictionalized by writers Kristin Heckler, Sarah Raimondi, Jacob Sebastian and Pauline Sherrow. EXPOSED follows the story of Lauren, a bright and ambitious Yale University freshman, as she faces the consequences of her decision to join the adult film industry to pay for her tuition. Met with criticism from both peers and the media alike, Lauren is shamed for her choices by the same people utilizing her services. The script was created through improvisation, original dialogue, text and audio from interviews, blog posts and tweets. Naturalistic scenes, centering on a familiar coming of age story, juxtapose choreographed pornography scenes.  

Roy Sullivan:Lightning Man

by Benjamin Weiner
Assistant directed by Kristin Heckler
produced by Upstream Artists Collective

currently under development, next performance fall 2018

A new flash musical that uses a barn stomping electro-folk score to tell the true story of Roy Sullivan, a Virginia man who was struck by lightning seven times throughout his life. The electrifying new work explores love, our relationship with the natural world, and our own inevitable fate.

Arouse: the musical

BY lorne svarc
directed by Kristin Heckler
produced by Recognize Theatre

currently under development, first reading fall 2018

Many years ago, the murderous, promiscuous Castronauts conquered Teezdamen and banned them from any sexual contact. The most recent generation of Teezademanians can no longer reproduce as a result of this ban.  A mysterious visitor arrives in Teezdamen with stories of spectacular sexual exploits... Can Punyeto save the Teezdamanians?

Kristin is the Artistic Director of Recognize Theatre.

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