Press on
Paraphilia: Everyone Has A sexual disorder 
by Lorne Svarc

Paraphilia was chosen by Theatre Is Easy as one of FringeNYC 2015's "Best Bets"

"The show is well cast, with each actor fully embodying their characters under the guidance of director Kristin J. Heckler."

"BOTTOM LINE: Strong acting, compelling characters, an inventive script, and polished staging make this play a must see for FringeNYC-goers."

"Part of the success of this Paraphilia is how streamlined it feels"

NY Theatre Now

"Congratulations to the talented playwright and director—who are also the show’s co-producers—for reminding us to be nice.   Many of us may know stories ofpeople who were misunderstood, and deserved better."

Press on Stop Kiss  by Diana Son

Stop Kiss was selected by Philadelphia Weekly as one of the 5 Can't-Miss Fringe Shows in 2012

 “...the young Heckler’s determination makes her a director worth watching.” Philadelphia Weekly

Diana Son's understated, powerful drama benefits from a smart production emphasizing the intriguing romance between Callie (Colleen Hughes) and Sara (Erin Carr), neither whom identify as gay, resisting and denying their feelings for one another. Neither Son or director Kristin Heckler make Stop Kiss an Issue Play, so we process both their awful attack and their new social identities on a very personal level. Sara's ex (Matt Tallman) Callie's friend with benefits (William Toussaint), a police detective (John Jerbasi), and others (Megan Ede) define the transformations that take the women by surprise and change their lives.

— Mark Cofta,

“Nothing was ever so tender [as] the hospital scene where Callie came to dress Sara...the audience was drawn in to every frail movement, deep breath, slight smile and wince...” Queer 2 the T

Press on Becky Shaw by Gina Gionfriddo