Recognize Theatre aims to challenge society’s persisting discrimination with regard to gender and sexuality. It is time for people to RECOGNIZE that while progress has been made, women and men are not treated equally. Even less equal are those whose sexuality does not fit into the heterosexual paradigm. Our productions focus on creating theatre in a RECOGNIZable environment, forcing audiences to see the stereotypes they’ve come to accept, and hopefully encourage them to challenge them. Rather than focus on the undervaluing of the “female,” Recognize Theatre seeks to demonstrate that it is the “feminine” which lacks value, whether feminine traits are embodied in a man or a woman. We believe that this problem causes discrimination of women in high powered positions, men in the home, and both genders who choose embody feminine traits. A secondary goal of Recognize Theatre is to work against the deficit of female playwrights by focusing on producing work by women. Past projects include Stop Kiss by Diana Son and How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel.